Most people will not have a clue what it meant to the soldier who was wounded to be treated by the
nurses, medics, and doctors away from the front-lines of battle. Or for the young woman who took a
year of her life and came to a Godforsaken country called Vietnam and try to entain the troops. She was
that round-eyed gal from back home that took our minds off the war, we lovingly called them Donut
Dollies. Some will even say that these people never served but I strongly believe that they did and they
were responsible saving lifes, lifting spirits, and easing suffering...yes, my friends they did serve, they
served us well....thank you for being there with us...WELCOME HOME, MY SISTERS......Kerry "Doc"

You can tell her by the twinkle in her eye,
At parades when the flag marches by.
She served our country and she served it very well.
Some have even served a tour or two in Hell.

She suffered hardship and never ceased to care.
It gave us strength just to know that she was there.
She was a leader, you could tell by the rank she wore,
But she became the invisible soldier after the war.

She can march, she can fly, and she can sail.
She proved that bravery isn't exclusive of the male.
She did every job she was asked and more,
But she became the invisible soldier after the war.

Now, it is finally time to right a wrong.
Honor our sister soldier; hear her song.
It's very clear that she's a patriot to the core.
Don't let her be the invisible soldier anymore.
In-Another-Country Vietnam Nurse
By Christina Sharik

She worked on the burn wards~or so I
understand she soothed parched and cracking
lips far from that Asian land ~she comforted
and calmed them she sometimes held a hand
but the horror is still with her,~or so I

She says some don't include her, they don't
consider her a vet, I shake my head and
wonder why this is so, and yet I shouldn't be
surprised that some are so accepting and some
just can't forget.

The men delivered to her ward were seared
inside the soul; Someone's son was one of
them, burned and sad, not whole. A heartbeat
away from Vietnam  she was holding
Someone's hand and Someone's mother
blessed her,~or so I understand.