Our Nurse Ann Gale  

You were there to mend our hurts;
You kept our spirits high,
Our hearts warm, and our tummies full.

You knew when we needed a hug
Or an encouraging word;
You gave each of us a special smile;

You laughed and you cried with us;
Your honesty, courage and enthusiasm inspired us;
Your caring and friendship for us were your
greatest gifts.

You are admired and respected,
And you will be deeply missed.  
With all our love;

Your boys,
The noncommissioned officers of
The Arizona Military Academy.

Copywriter July 31, 1987 Kerry “Doc” Pardue
Each time I read this a sense of
bonding we all shared floods
through me.  Those years will
always be the most special of any
of my military career.  Never have I
felt such satisfaction and
unconditional friendship in a work
place, as I did while serving with
"My Noncommissioned Officers."  
Thanks again for the lessons
learned and the special memories.  
Will talk with you later.
Thanks again,