Reunited Band Of Brothers

The years have come and gone since we were in a far off place
We have gone our separate ways longing to see the faces
Of the men we once knew as the Band of Brothers.
These men were brave, strong, thin and so very young.

Life went on for all of us; we raised our families, and vanished into unknown places.
Many a night we would wonder and remember with fondness those youthful faces.
We would ask ourselves, are they okay, and do they also think back to each of us,
Longing to spend some quiet time renewing friendships, with one another.

35 years have raced pass since our time, in a place, we will never forget
We were the "Docs" to many but we were friends to each other.
A war threw us together but the bond of friendships made us all a Band of Brothers.
We could never forget oh how could we ever forget each other.

Classmates TV answered a plea to bring this group of men together
Gathered in Washington DC, near the wading pool, in a grove of trees
Guarded by Three Soldiers and Three Nurses at the place known just as The WALL
To my surprise, through the tears of my eyes, I see them one by one.

A reuniting of this Band of Brothers, they each say hello, through tears we hug
Unwilling to let go, each one is there that I hold dear, they remembered each other.
We pause to reflect those who we have yet to find Wanyo, Wheeling, Waters, and Reeves.
There is one we all remember, whose name is on the WALL, James Budahazy II.

Shot by your friend, we all worked hard to save you, but you were all ready gone.
In a wrong place at the wrong time.  Today we stopped to honor, reflect and remember.
There are 58,000 names there, some of you we knew, and may you all rest in peace.
I see all the names, and I am forever grateful, that none of your names are there.

I am saddened as I look at the 58,00 names and I wonder was it worth it?
Deep down I know the answer; it has been given time and time again,
FREEDOM HAS A PRICE these men and women listed paid the highest price.
We Band of Brothers just made a donation and a promise to never forget.

As we leave this WALL of honor we go and sit and eat.
At the Stars and Stripes in Arlington we renew our friendship once again
We lift our glass in a toast with promise to stay in touch.
A yearly reunion is agreed upon, San Antonio or bust.

So thank you Classmates TV and Fox TV as well
You brought us all together; this Band Of Brothers thanks you
In honor and gratitude we make you honorary members
Of the 8th Med
©Kerry "Doc" Pardue September 2003
Alan Rosenbaum, Kerry Pardue, Bill Pishlo, Peanut Reyna, Dr. Merrill Mirman, Lloyd Beemer
Deceased Members--Rest in Peace
Jerry Reeves-2000
Ed Sullivan-2000