People like to have massage for several reasons including to relax their body and mind after stressful work or stressful circumstances. Even before, massage therapy has been used as one of the healing traditions in different civilizations including Egyptians, Chinese, Ancient Greeks, and Indians. They believe that massage is able to treat different ailments and diseases.  

 Now, massage therapy has been used in different shops in different countries such as Erie PA massage therapy.  

What is Massage? 

Massage therapy is the process of kneading or manipulating your skin and muscles and other tissue to improve their health and well-being. It is done manually especially in a process of moving, holding, and applying pressure to the tendons, muscles, fascia, and ligaments.  

The following are the illnesses that massage can heal or treat: 

  • Stress 
  • Anxiety 
  • A life-threatening illness such as cancer 

This means that if you are experiencing one or more of these illnesses, you can use massage therapy to treat your illnesses. Just make sure that you have open communication with your therapist including your allergies and illnesses so they can adjust and personalize their massage therapy for you.  

But what are really the benefits of massage therapy? We will give you the following list: 

  • Relaxation 
  • Improved circulation 
  • Reduced muscle tension 
  • Reduced depression or anxiety 
  • It will increase the body’s flexibility and joint mobility 
  • It will improve the tone of the skin 
  • You will have more heightened mental alertness 
  • It will reduce your stress hormones 
  • It will stimulate your lymphatic system 

The following are the different types of massage: 

  • Remedial – this process involves assessing, treating, and rehabilitating the symptoms and signs as well as causes of biochemical issues and dysfunctions. This massage therapy involves specific mobilization techniques in order to make you feel healthier.  
  • Therapeutic – there are different kinds of massage like Swedish, Australian, and Western, and the most popular and commonly used is the Australian. These massages are done to improve the blood circulation.  
  • Myotherapy – this involves the assessment of the soft tissue pain, dysfunction, or injury and the treatment of all of these. Soft tissues include tendons, muscles, fascia, and ligaments.  
  • Aromatherapy – in this therapy, the massager or therapist will use different oils from selected plants and flowers known for their healing properties. They would use these oils to give you a soothing sensation while therapy.  
  • Reflexology -This is driven by the philosophy and belief that some parts of the body affect the whole including the face, hands, feet, and ears. These body parts respond to the pressure while stimulating the body’s own natural healing ability 
  • Shiatsu – similar to the reflexology, shiatsu deals with points on certain body parts to increase the energy flow. This also involves techniques used by acupuncture therapy.  

There are still a lot of things you need to know about massage therapy in general. Certain massage therapy also provides certain advantages for your body and mind. Overall, it provides relaxation that heals the body and impacts the mind, promoting health.