JD was my cousin on my grandmothers side of the family.  He volunteered for Vietnam and had 27
days left before he was due to come home..  He had nursed a wound in his leg from a Viet Cong booby
trap about a month previous and asked to be returned to the field.  On 9-6-67 while  on-board a
helicopter sent to rescue the crew of another down helicopter he jumped from his chopper, sending a
spray of bullets toward the Viet Cong who held the other crew members of the down chopper pinned
down.  Firing and running at the same time he began to help the trapped GI's out.  Then a buttet hit
the gas tank causing an explosion killing JD.  He was awarded the Bronze Star, Air Medal, Soldiers
Medal, Purple Heart (2nd award),Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, and National
Defense Medal