Where have you gone?
How do I find you again?
Where do I search?

My world was beginning
To evolve itself around you
You had become part of my heart

When you left sick I thought
That you would write but nothing
These long months not a word

Was it I? I wish I knew what I had done
Was it I who failed you or let you down?
Did I lose you to someone from back home?

I fall back into a world of being alone again…
My heart is aching and I feel so lost without you
Where did you go? I wish I knew where to search

My love, you were the one who could bring a smile
To my face… you teased me… and made me laugh
For no reason other than to just be ourselves with each other

I feel my heart tear apart as I wander aimlessly
I go to Lookout Mountain and to the places we used to go
Hoping by chance that one day you will show

Perhaps my feelings were one sided and I scared you away
Did you care for me with the depth that I cared for you?
I will never know for I am leaving soon

I can only hope that as you think back upon the times
We were together that thought will put a smile on your face
Who knows maybe we will find each other in the future

Until then be well, be happy, be loved
You were special to me I hope that I was special to you
May God bless you with goodness and love

©Copyright 1967 by Kerry “Doc” Pardue