Image and Medic Code from U.S. Army Dept. of Medical  
History-used with permission
The Medic Code

I am a guardian of the Army’s health. I will do all in my power to assure that America’s soldiers are strong
and fit. And if they are wounded, injured or sick, I will preserve their lives; I will ease their pain and suffering; I
will restore their bodies; I will help them build their effectiveness and spirit.
I accept the responsibility of being a medic soldier. I will maintain the physical, mental, and moral strength to
fulfill this high obligation and, in all ways, I will devote my highest abilities to learning and performing my medical
and military duties.
I recognize that to succeed in this I also must possess the highest soldierly virtues. I will, therefore, make loyalty
my guide, courage my ally, honor and integrity my servants, and self-discipline my master, so that in all
circumstances and under all conditions my efforts will be correct and successful.
I will, by my own attitude and example, inspire compassion for humanity, loyalty to the Army, my people, and a true
conviction that the American ideals of freedom and equality for all mankind will prevail.

The day started like all the rest -
hot and humid and soaking wet.
His skin was rotted to the bone.
Three more months and I'll be home.
Get on your gear and move out!
The word was given, it could make you shout!
No racial strife - no rank - just a file
through the jungles for a little while.
We walked all day until dusk and set up for the night.
Tired and hungry. No more smoking or lights.
It became dark very fast -
the foilage above made it last.
The mortar round hit - then two, then three.
God, don't let it be me!
The pain seared his body and his brain.
Medic, Medic, please take away this pain.
He heard his screams like his own.
Medic, don't let me die here alone.
The jungle floor was taking his life.
The blood flowed out - What about my wife?
He couldn't move his magled legs.
God, don't let me die here, he begged.
Mom - he cried out, I don't wanna die.
I want to stay alive.
Don't try to speak or move, the medic said.
He lifted his head and wet his lips.
He knew he was almost dead.
He looked in his eyes and his tears came
joining together with the rain.
He closed his eyes and said a prayer.
Dear Lord, let him in the door.

Bob Carcel - 199th Lt. Inf.