This website is dedicated to those men and women who served their Country
and the 2/47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division at a time when this war was not
popular back home.  In spite of those circumstances, they served with honor,
dignity, devotion, and pride.  We honor our fallen brothers and sisters, we salute
those who were wounded, and we pray for those our Country left behind as
POW/MIA'S . I served as a combat medic with the  (Scouts)  and to the Aide
Station until March 22, l969.  I was totally unprepared for what I experienced as a
20 year old.  I learned real fast that there are two rules about war; first, men die
during battle, and secondly, I could not, as hard as I tried, change rule number
one.  I served with skilled infantrymen who I will always consider as friends but,
more than that, my BROTHERS.  I am a better husband, father, and man because
of them and Vietnam.  I learned to survive one more patrol, one more ambush,
one more convoy, one last C ration meal, one more trip down Thunder Road, one
more trip to a Hot LZ in the Plain of Reeds, one more trip to the Tan An bridge,
one more wounded soldier, one more day of down time, one more mortar attack,
one more medicap, one more day of living with the leeches, mosquitoes, and
snakes, one more monsoon rain, until they all added up to just one last day in the
base called Binh Phouc, to the ride of my life on a Freedom Bird taking me HOME.
 After 33 years, I am still dealing with the pain and guilt of being a survivor.  As
much as I was your medic, the healer of the sick, the fix-it guy, the one who made
house calls I find that I cannot heal myself, or fix my heart, or take away the pain
so I am writing to begin my journey......
proud of each of you.....GOD BLESS YOU AND WELCOME HOME.

          DOC PARDUE
Medivac along the world famous "THUNDER
, (Doc Pardue left front), along with
other members of the traveling medicine
show....we fix'em and ship them