The duty of a field combat medic is to take care of his men.  We walked,  rode on helicopters and
tracks, and were even on boats.  (Imagine that, an Army guy on a boat.)  Almost  as bad as giving a
Navy guy a rifle!  But our job was pretty straight forward--to care for  the wounded, comfort the dying,
and to be there for them in the thick and the thin.  To protect them from further  harm and to do
everything in your power to keep them alive. The following pictures give testimony of that job done by
various medics in the 9th Infantry Division.  I am damn proud of each of them who, even with disregard
for their own safety and well being, THEY TOOK CARE OF THEIR GUYS!
If you happen to see one of the Donut
Dollies will you tell them we sure could go
for some Krispy Creme Donuts.
Easy going guy--I  promise they
won't leave without you
Reassuring the wounded
Working wounded--helping a brother
Somewhere in the Plain of
Reeds-10 minute ride to
hospital--see a
watch TV and eat ice