The Last Breath

I  was your nurse
You were my patient
Thrown together half way across the earth
I am not sure you can hear me
You haven't got much time
I will do my best to keep you out of pain
I will stay with you holding your hand
Until the last breath
It is my job to help you on your final journey
Your hands seem so strong for one so young
Your hair so soft and easy to touch.
Your breathing is more labored
Close your eyes breathe deep and slow
That's it let it all out the last breath
Your face relaxes, your hands go limp
I was with you at the end of your life
I touched you, I held you, I loved you
I didn't even know your name
All I have is the memory of your last breath

Kerry "Doc" Pardue
June 16, 2004
This is a painting by a friend of mine named
Bernie Duff, he was a
medic in Vietnam.  His painting touched me
deeply, and inspired these two poems.  I don't
how the nurses were  able to handle this day in
and day out 12 hours a day 6 days a week.  I am
so proud of all of the women who served us so
well.  These poems are for you.
Doc Pardue
The Last Breath

WHERE AM I? I am afraid
Your in the hospital it's okay I will stay right here for you
I don't hurt anymore but it is hard to breathe
I have given you something to take care of the pain
Promise me you will stay until I go
Don't worry I am here just for you you're my date tonight

Your hair looks like my moms when she pulls her back
I bet she is very proud of you
You smell just like the lemon trees back home
I am Kathleen, my friends call me Kath
My name is Tom but the guys call me Sunshine cause I am from Florida

Kath, you're so beautiful
Thanks, you ain't so bad yourself, you got a girl back home
No one special, just friends, I am only 19
Kath does it hurt to die?  I am seeing a bright light Kath I don't want to go
Tommy, it's wonderful where you are going

Tommy go in peace my friend
I am sure am glad I got to know you
That's it let it all out, I am here for you, helping you cross over
Close your eyes follow the light
I love you Tommy, you are my Sunshine

Kerry "Doc" Pardue
June 16, 2004