Where are you going...ALLTHE WAY HOME

Where are you going little man....
To school to learn all that I can.

Where are you going young man
Off to the war to defend our land.

Where are you going Doc
Back to the world, my time is through.

...they tell me in school we lost in Vietnam
Did we? Yes, we did, my son.
Is that the reason for the far away look in your eyes?

Why are you running middle-aged man
To get away from the pain.

Why are you sitting all alone old man
No where else to hide.

...did you go to war in Vietnam?
Yes, came back my reply.

...did we win? What did you do?
Yes and  I was a medic I helped my men

Were you brave? Were you ever afraid?
Yes I was and I still am.

Papa, dad says you were wounded
Did it hurt alot? Not anymore.

Can I see your medals
...maybe take them to school.
I want to tell the other kids how proud I am of you

.Where are you going old man

Doc Pardue @ 2001
Receiving Purple Heart & Army Commendation Medal