To My Unforgotten Hero
      For Lloyd Beemer

There are times in ones life - as we recall past strife
And we look back and see - we remember people humbly
They served next to you - willing to defend, to give all for you
Leaving them far behind - they are always in the back of your mind
You only hope and pray - that they made it home okay
I have a friend like that - that I wonder where he is at
I am glad he pass my way
His name is Lloyd - and he filled the void, of a past time far away
I pray that he is okay - I think of him sometimes from day-to-day
Lord, let him be okay is what I say
I just hope and pray - that there will come a day
When Lloyd will once again pass my way
I will get to say - thanks for being there back then and also today
So where ever you are just remember I didn't forget - I could never forget
One of...My Unforgotten Heroes

Kerry "Doc" Pardue
November 2002
Lloyd 1968 at 8th Medical Detachment
Kerry & Lloyd 1968
Reunion time did come in August 2003
August 1, 2003 Portland, Oregon
August 30, 2003 Washington, DC