Today, Tommorrow, and Yesterday....

I touched a flower today and I thought of God's love for me
Not sure of being worthy enough for His Grace
But then again His face, His eyes, His smile let me know
I am His child needing to learn to forgive myself as He forgave me

I felt His tender hand in mine as I walked along the uncertain path
Full of thorns of yesterdays but hopes of tomorrow
A sense of peace that all is well within my soul and my heart
Knowing that He is walking beside me and sometimes holding me

I felt Him wipe tears from off my cheek both wet and dry
Telling me it is time to say good-bye to the past
To it's failures, sadness,  bitterness,  losses, and fears
Walk straight and tall enjoy the blessing of just living in today

I smelled the fragence of the flower and recalled friendships
Of the past...I thought of friends long ago....wishing for a time of rest
I cherish those long ago who were a part of making me who I became
May I never forget how their lifes touch mine...I am forever changed.

I sit in wonder and of awe as I now recall...the friendships of yesterday
That help me make it today and will sustain all my tomorrows
The sight of a flower and the smell of Spring gives me hope and promise
That He and you will always be my friend

Kerry Doc Pardue @ April 2003