On Friendship, Love and Disagreement

Two friends from the past agree to disagree
Freedom to become or to be what God envisions for thee
Each with our own experience ¦with it's heartbreak and it's hell

Drawn to the past but connected with new memories
A bond and a tie that transfigures the differences
And holds their friendship in the midst of their hearts

The depth and height of their care and respect for each other
Overcomes their differences
Their love for each other as friends will remain forever strong.

Thanks for loving me even when I became unlovable
For finding beauty within my soul
To unlocking the music of who I am; allowing me to sing

Leading me to discovery with encouraging words
I think I found the answer to questions man is seeking all along
That friendship is important between the roommates of the soul.

So wherever your journey takes you
Just know that you will always have a friend
Who will always think of you from time to time and will love you....UNCONDITIONALLY

Kerry "Doc" Pardue
April 15, 2004