In the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of November
We remember those who sleep amongst the red poppies
Growing in an Allied graveyard between the crosses,
Row on row.

These brave soldiers who shed their blood, lost a limb,
Who died in battle. Buried away from home in France
To provide freedom to another. Now are remembered
by a red silk poppy.

Every year we stop for a moment in the eleventh hour
Of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month to remember
Those that are now gone, to pay honor to them who fought
The war to end all wars.

There have been other wars fought over time
How will we remember them
Their courage, their bravery, their valor
Somehow, I don’t think a red poppy will be enough
To remember those we are losing in battle today.

Red poppy, red poppy please help us to remember
So we never forget.

©Copyright November 30, 2008