27th Infantry Division
1/105th Infantry, Hqs Company
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The 27th Infantry Division arrived in Hawaii, 21 May 1942, to defend the outer islands from
amphibious attack. Elements of the division were among one of five divisions (among the 3rd, 9th,
Americal and the 2nd Armored Divisions) to engage in offensive combat operations during the
last months of 1942. They first saw action in the attack and capture of Makin Atoll in the Gilbert
Islands, 21–24 November 1943. Two battalions of the 106th Regiment participated in the attack
on Eniwetok Atoll, 19–26 February 1944, returning to Oahu in March. During this mission, one
battalion landed unopposed on Majuro Island, 1 February, and completed its seizure, 3 February.
The division began preparations for the Marianas operations, 15 March. On D-day plus 1, 16
June 1944, elements landed at night on Saipan to support the Second and Fourth Marine
Divisions. A bridgehead was established and Aslito Airfield captured, 18 June. Fighting continued
throughout June. During a pitched battle, 7 July, Japanese overran elements of the division in a
banzai attack, but organized resistance was crushed the next day. During the months of July and
August, the 27th cleaned out isolated pockets in the mountains and cliffs of Saipan.

Beginning in the middle of August, the division moved to the New Hebrides for rest and
rehabilitation. On 25 March 1945, the 27th sailed from Espiritu Santo, arriving at Okinawa, 9
April 1945. The Division participated in the XXIV Corps general attack, 19 April 1945, securing a
dominating ridge line south of Machinato and Kakazu. Machinato Airfield was captured, 28 April,
after a severe struggle. On 1 May, the division was relieved by the 1st Marine Division and
attached to the Island Command for garrison duty. Tori Shima was seized, 12 May, without
opposition. The 27th attacked from the south end of Ishikawa Isthmus to sweep the northern
sector of Okinawa. The enemy fought bitterly on Onnatake Hill from 23 May until 2 June, before
losing the strong point. After a mopping-up period, the division left Okinawa, 7 September 1945,
moved to Japan and occupied Niigata and Fukushima Prefectures. A while into the Okinawa
campaign the 374th QM truck company, of the 27th Qm's were sent to Tinian to help the air force
units by delivering bombs from the beach to the airfield. It ended up helping to deliver the atomic
bomb to the Enola Gay.