Paul Daley  8/24/67  Medic
Franklin Hite  3/13/67
Mike Velasco  1/17/68
Marco Serrano, Jr.  3/13/67
Robert Schultz  1/31/68
Charles Kronberg  1/31/68
Arthur Enquist  6/10/68  Medic
James Vielbaum  1/31/68
Charles Young  11/13/68
Thomas Davino  7/3/68
Thomas Latham  5/12/69
Alvin Hinson  5/12/69
Herman Huebner  7/5/69
There is something about men who share combat together, a bond forms that can't be shaken, moved or
forgotten.  When you share your life with others you become brothers...when one of them are lost in
battle it changes you forever....that is the case with the below listed hero....
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