Doc Pardue
Perhaps the most overlooked Veterans today are the women who served in Vietnam.  
Eight of them have their names on the Wall.   They were nurses, entertainers,  admin and
clerk, and women in responsible command positions.  Then, there were the Red Cross
workers, whom we affectionally called  Donut Dollies.  They helped us forget the war
for just a moment, these Round-eyed beauties made us think of our Moms, wifes, and
that girl back in the WORLD.  I can't think of a more dedeciated or harder working
person than the nurses who took care of us when we got "Hit"  Their job was probably
the most stressful of all because they always dealt with the dead and dying everyday.
My sisters you are not forgotten, we love you, we thank you, WE WELCOME YOU
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Medical Units in Vietnam
@Lou Sorrin
Women on the Wall

Ltc. Annie Graham
1st Lt Sharon Lane
2nd Lt Pamela Donovan
1st Lt Hedwig Orlowski
Capt Elenor Alexander
2nd Lt Eliabeth Jones
2nd Lt Carol Drazba
Capt Mary Klinker

Another 63 women who were not in the
US military were killed
From your guys......
   thanks for being there
you are not forgotten